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Tory slammed for ‘misleading’ leaflet mistake From The Argus

Ms Caulfield apologised for the blunder on her website and thanked "eagle eyed" locals for spotting the "technical error". Conservative field campaigner Mark Hill also told The Argus the figure was "a mistake".

But the
fake Michael Kors Lewes hopeful is not the only Sussex Tory to have riled residents with false information on their campaign leaflets.

Down the road in Plumpton,
Michael Kors handbag outlet a candidate running to become a councillor on Lewes
Michael Kors handbags outlet District Council declared on her campaign leaflets that her party had "improved recycling rates" by 7% in the area over the past four years.

Statistics from Lewes District Council show the actual increase is less than 1%.

But resident Peter Baker said: "The ferry service is kept going by
wholesale Michael Kors handbags outlet a subsidy of over 16 million euros per annum, paid by the Seine
cheap Michael Kors outlet Maritime region of France. Not a penny of contribution comes from UK
cheap Michael Kors national or local government, so how the Conservatives claim they saved it, I do not understand."

Ann De Vecchi, Norman Baker’s election agent, said: "I’m
fake Michael Kors afraid this is part of a pattern of misleading contents of Tory literature, all of which seem designed to boost their chances in this constituency."

Maria Caulfield told The Argus: "It is a shame the Lib Dems are campaigning so negatively during this election.

"I am determined however to keep running a positive campaign that will focus on local issues and outlines what I would continue to do if elected as the local MP and how a Conservative Government would continue the economic recovery of the country."Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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When Are They Used And What Are The Risks

oakley sunglasses discount Certain patients have what is known as corneal astigmatism. What that means is, instead of
cheap oakleys the cornea being shaped in a round fashion like a basketball, it has a more oblong shape in one of its positions, one of the parts of
wholesale cheap oakleys the cornea
fake cheap oakleys more like a football rather than a basketball. Toric lenses are used to correct this
fake oakleys astigmatism in the contact lens. The main
fake oakley sunglasses cheap advantage for people with astigmatism is they can get better vision with a toric contact lens because the astigmatism is corrected as compared to a regular soft contact lens; however, sometimes the contact lens may be a little less comfortable to
cheap oakleys wear and may de center.
fake oakleys cheap The best person to decide if you should wear a regular hard contact a regular soft contact lens or a toric lens is the person who is going to fit you and follow up on the fit and comfort of the lenses in the future.Articles Connexes:

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A Few Valentine’s Decoration Ideas That Take It Up A Notch

Having a party on Valentine’s Day is always a great idea.
cheap fake oakley sunglasses Having
fake oakleys cheap great decorations make for an awesome party, no matter what kind you have, for your kids and their friends or just for the adults. When it comes time to sit down and plan everything out, you’re always looking for some great Valentines decorations ideas that won’t be too over the top, but will be totally unforgettable as well.

Here are some awesome
fake oakleys ideas for your party that don’t cost a lot, but will leave everyone with a totally unforgettable experience.

1. Having a huge banner hanging on a
fake cheap oakleys wall, across a doorway or across the room really is an easy way to have a huge impact on anyone who walks into the room. Nothing says "Happy Valentine’s Day!" like a
wholesale oakleys Valentine’s banner

2. Hang all over the place Mylar balloons in all kinds of sizes. Have them hanging from the ceiling, stuck to walls and even randomly on tables and chairs.

3. Have
fake oakleys some helium balloons floating around too. Not only are they going to be mostly on the ceiling, but they are fun to bat around, turning into impromptu volleyball games from time to time.

4. Have paper hearts stuck everywhere. Tabletops, chairs, walls, and even stuck on the ceiling. You can either buy premade ones or cut them out of construction paper.

5. Stuffed Valentine’s heart pillows and
cheap wholesale oakleys boxes of candy makes great party favors.

6. Heart shaped cups, napkins and plates makes for a great addition to the theme for snacks.

7. A great way to add a little umph to the party is using Valentine’s themes tablecloths.

8. Valentines wine and bottle stoppers adds a new level of cool to the party.

9. Get everyone off on the right foot with Valentine’s themed welcome mats.

10. Wreaths and garland with a Valentines theme really helps dress out the house for a great party.

There are tons of ideas available, but these are some of the hottest Valentines holiday decoration ideas for your party. Not only will they look great, but these set the theme for the party like nothing else can. Creating that festive atmosphere from the instant the guests arrives is a big key to having a great party and with
fake oakley sunglasses cheap these ideas, your party can’t miss. Check out all these ideas and see which ones you want to get your party started and keep it going.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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Advantages Of Different Types Of Patio Furniture Supplies

With so several diverse varieties of patio furniture available, picking the best patio set can be a time consuming task. Yo’ll find so several gorgeous designs that choosing just one may be really difficult. One of the major issues to consider is needless to say, the style and design. Due to the fact your patio is an extension of your house, you would like your patio to reflect the exact same style you have inside your house.

Significance of Patio Furniture Supplies

Even though the look and comfort of your patio furniture is essential, the supplies that the set are made
cheap oakley sunglasses from may be far more essential. The correct patio furniture supplies can mean the distinction
cheap fake oakleys between enjoying your patio set for some years, or years to come. Before selecting a patio furniture set, make sure that you take into account all of the various elements it will be exposed to.

Wood Patio Furniture

Wood is still one of the most well liked materials for patio furniture. Wood patio furniture can add a classy touch even though still becoming very elegant at the same time. Teak is by far the most beneficial option for wood patio furniture. Teak is the most durable natural wood there
cheap fake oakley sunglasses is. Actually, teak is so durable that it was 1st employed inside the construction of ships.

Teak is Durable
cheap wholesale oakley sunglasses and Low Maintenance

Teak patio furniture is quite resistant to
cheap oakley sunglasses weather conditions. It contains a natural resin that prevents decay and also the growth of bacteria. It’s an outstanding choice for areas that are out in
fake cheap oakleys the open and subject to rain
fake oakleys as well as other elements. Teak is extremely low maintenance and can literally last for decades. And, since teak is so easy to work with, teak patio furniture is obtainable in numerous lovely designs.

Metal Patio Furniture

Iron, steel and aluminum are the main sorts of metals employed to manufacture patio furniture. Metal patio furniture is specially treated to resist rusting and coated to resist scratching. Simply because of their weight, iron and steel are superb options for any region that experiences strong winds. Metal is also a actually excellent selection for areas that receive a great deal of rain, or around pool areas.

Aluminum Patio Furniture

Aluminum patio furniture is well known because it offers numerous advantages. It is appealing, durable, versatile and extremely cost effective. Aluminum has a really distinctive ability, it actually forms its own protective barrier when it is exposed to air. This natural barrier makes the metal extremely rust and corrosion resistant. Aluminum is low maintenance, normally only requiring soap and water to thoroughly clean.

You’ll find fundamentally two types of aluminum patio furniture to choose from. You are able to obtain an all metal set, or 1 that functions a metal frame and seating produced from other fabrics. Even though both kinds will last for years, a basic metal seat is not comfy. In the event you program to spend lots of time on your patio, cushioned seating is actually a ought
fake oakleys to for comfort.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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Noticias, y un hasta luego…


Tiempo de cambios… Después de 13 años en fiestafacil, a finales de esta semana lo dejo en muy buenas manos, para que siga creciendo y evolucionando. Ha llegado el momento para dedicarme a otras cosas, lo cual me hace mucha ilusión, mezclada por supuesto con tristeza, porque echaré de menos a mi equipo, el buen ambiente que siempre hemos tenido, una comunidad tan acogedora, los clientes tan majos, y el lujo que es trabajar en un sector en constante evolución creativa…

hasta luego

La página web www.fiestafacil.com seguirá vendiendo los accesorios originales que necesitas para tus fiestas y eventos, con novedades en la gama, y seguramente con unas cuantas sorpresas que esperamos que te gusten. Estamos de mudanza estos días (los pedidos que recibamos después de las 15h el miércoles saldrán el próximo lunes), pero ¡visítanos en diciembre para ver las novedades que te hemos conseguido!

Cualquier pregunta que tengas, manda un email a xana(arroba)fiestafacil(punto)com, te contestará a la mayor brevedad posible. El negocio se traslada a un nuevo almacén en las afueras de Madrid (tenemos que quitar el servicio de Recoger en Almacén, ¡lo siento!, pero estamos intentando bajar aún más los gastos de envío). El número de teléfono también cambia, en cuanto lo tenga, ¡te aviso! El nuevo teléfono del nuevo almacén es: 916 281 459. ¡Toma nota!

Mi email en fiestafacil seguirá activo unos meses más, por si te quieres poner en contacto conmigo: noelle(arroba)fiestafacil(punto)com. Me encantaría escuchar tus comentarios y sugerencias, y los haré llegar a los nuevos responsables. En cuanto a qué voy a hacer ahora: me voy a tomar un par de meses de descanso. ¡Y luego pensaré en mi próxima aventura! Gracias por acompañarme en este blog todos estos años, y miles de gracias, de verdad, por formar parte de nuestra maravillosa comunidad. ¡Espero que sigas haciéndolo! Y, claro, que tengáis muchas cosas que celebrar…

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