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mine tailings ponds in past decade

Tailings and water from Imperial Metals Mount Polley tailings dam flows into Quesnel Lake. between 2000 and 2012 included a breach of a dike, the discovery of sinkholes and leaked tailings.

The vast majority of the dangerous occurrences involved incidents with equipment, which crashed, sunk into tailings storage facilities or flipped over. In several cases, workers were injured and two workers died. Ministry of Energy and Mines provided details of 49 dangerous occurrences at tailings ponds at the request of The Vancouver Sun following Imperial Metals’ Mount Polley tailings dam collapse on Aug. 4.

The chief inspector of mines’ annual reports provide an annual breakdown of the number of dangerous occurrences, but the mines ministry initially balked at providing details of the dangerous occurrences, requested 10 days ago. Mines Minister Bill Bennett nor chief inspector of mines Al Hoffman were available for comment Monday.

"(The dike breach, the sinkholes and tailings leakage) were contained to the respective mine sites and posed no risk to the public," mines ministry spokesman David Haslam said in a written statement.

Mining Watch Canada program coordinator Ramsey Hart said the dangerous occurrence details should be part of routine disclosure.

"I think the public and even investors would welcome that," said Hart, noting that information on corrective measures and effects is also needed to provide context.

Water passed over the dike into a trap and flooded the area before it could be contained. A machine operator constructed a temporary berm on top of the tailings dike to contain the flow, said the government records.

The Craigmont copper mining operation was closed in 1982, but the mine has been operated since to produce magnetite for the coal industry. Companies are responsible for maintaining tailings facilities at closed mines. The sinkholes were on the tailings beach, an important buffer between the dam’s embankment and water in the pond.

The largest sinkhole was about 0.7 metres in diameter and the surface had dropped about 0.7 metres into the hole, according to the government information. The
Michael Kors handbags outlet Kemess South mine closed in 2011.

Northgate Minerals was purchased three years ago by AuRico Gold, which has responsibility for the Kemess South 375 hectare tailings storage facility and one kilometre
Michael Kors discounts long, 140 metre high dam.

AuRico Gold chief operating officer Peter MacPhail said some changes in geotechnical design were made following the discovery of the sinkholes. There were no further incidents, he said.

MacPhail noted the tailings facility (which is in reclamation mode) receives an annual inspection from geotechnical engineers and has a robust design. "It gets a lot of monitoring. There is still staff up there," he noted.

On Sept. 1, 2004, at Barrick Gold’s Eskay Creek gold silver mine, failure of a flow measuring device on the tailings line caused about 12.5 tonnes of tailings to leak on the ground. The province said all the tailings were recovered. The mine, about 200 kilometres north of Terrace,
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Other incidents involving discharges from tailings storage facilities included:

On May 21, 2002, water ran over the edge of the MSA North pit at Teck’s Line Creek coal operations near Sparwood, causing a mudslide, filling a settling pond and causing muddy water to run into Line Creek. The pipes, part of an old system, were closed after the incident, says the province.

Imperial Metals’ Mount Polley mine had two dangerous occurrences between 2000 and 2012, but neither involved dam safety, according to the mine’s ministry records.

cheap Michael Kors Jan. 12, 2007, a hoe machine used for digging flipped on its side when
fake Michael Kors its track went into a hole created by the flow of a discharge pipe. The machine operator smashed the window, waded out and made it to his pickup truck to call for help.

replica Michael Kors outlet May 19, 2006, a haul truck owned by a contractor rolled over on its side near the lower main embankment of the tailings storage facility. The primary cause of the rollover was excessive speed, government records stated.

The province has said that in May 2014, the water level in Mount Polley’s four square kilometre tailings pond was too high, and that the company was ordered to reduce the level by pumping into adjacent
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The definition of dangerous occurrences includes the loss of adequate freeboard (the distance between the water level and top of dam), but no
cheap Michael Kors handbags outlet instances were recorded by the chief inspector of mines between 2000 and 2012.

Incidents in 2013 are still being reviewed and results will be published in December, according to the province.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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Radley Bags and Handbags

Radley Bags and HandbagsRadley Bags
Michael Kors handbags Radley Handbags For How to Spot a Fake Radley Bag Scroll Down the Page

2011 Radley Handbag Sale

Radley Bags are currently running a sale from their online stores with up to 40% off selected Radley handbags at their USA store and up to 60% off in their UK store (Radley is a UK company) so check out the links

michael kors handbags outlet was the first Hubpage about Radley Handbags ! Although there are others now which is not a surprise, as Radley handbags are the biggest selling UK handbag brand.

Radley Co. was
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On their website Radley bags state that they are devoted to "making beautiful things that women can fall in love with" and what they mean is handbags and other
cheap Michael Kors handbags fashion items. not chocolate. They have built their reputation around individual creativity and they endeavour to create items of "original design, exceptional hand crafting, distinctive pattern work, extraordinary colour schemes and unusual textures".

Creativity a la Radley means "lighting fires of inspiration" so you can see they like their poetic phrases. They also like colour and see their handbags as works of art. Colour they say is "the essence of Radley" which they employ to "capture humour, or display an emotion. To give off attitude or make a statement. To add character and enrich. To bring fun into our lives and onto our products", which explains why their bags are so . colourful.

They also like to incorporate an element of surprise and originality, as they consider it is "better to fail in originality than suceed in imitation". I think they have also employed the ghost of Oscar Wilde to provide the text for their website !

"Creativity without extravagance" is what Radley strives for and as a result they strive to make high quality handbags at an affordable price, which are bright with new shapes and distinctive details, made from richly coloured leathers. This
cheap Michael Kors year their spring collection is a collection of handbags made from soft textured leather and hand crafted detail
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How to Spot a Replica or Fake Radley Bag?

Radley Bags Emphasize Color and Creativity

The problem of fake bags or handbags is not unique to Radley, but as a result of their increasing popularity, the Radley brand has attracted the attention of counterfeiters which means that you need to beware of fakes. So how to spot a fake Radley handbag ? First, take a look at the cute Scottie dog logo, if it has the Radley name on it then it is a fake! A rather elementary mistake my dear Watson. Radley only put their name on the cardboard tag outside the bag. You also need to check to see if there is a leather care package with the bag, as Radley include one with every bag sold.

Radley bags are an affordable designer handbag, a
cheap Michael kors handbags outlet bit like Coach handbags in the USA, that doesn’t mean they are cheap of course, prices in the US range from $145 up to $390, but they are becoming increasingly popular.

If you are interested in designer bags then you may wish to know which are the most expensive designer handbags ever sold in the world ? See this hub Top Ten Most Expensive Womens Handbags for the shocking truth. You can also get them from Lord and Taylor. The bags are so beautiful
Michael Kors handbags outlet and unique. Maddie sounds like you are Maddie about Radley ! I will check it out and update this hub you are right about Radley bags being beautiful and unique many thanks. People should buy more of them ! And Radley should give me a commission !

Lauren1979 5 years ago

I saw this, went to the website and want tons of their bags! I live in NJ and will have to make the drive out to NY.Articles Connexes:

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Tory slammed for ‘misleading’ leaflet mistake From The Argus

Ms Caulfield apologised for the blunder on her website and thanked "eagle eyed" locals for spotting the "technical error". Conservative field campaigner Mark Hill also told The Argus the figure was "a mistake".

But the
fake Michael Kors Lewes hopeful is not the only Sussex Tory to have riled residents with false information on their campaign leaflets.

Down the road in Plumpton,
Michael Kors handbag outlet a candidate running to become a councillor on Lewes
Michael Kors handbags outlet District Council declared on her campaign leaflets that her party had "improved recycling rates" by 7% in the area over the past four years.

Statistics from Lewes District Council show the actual increase is less than 1%.

But resident Peter Baker said: "The ferry service is kept going by
wholesale Michael Kors handbags outlet a subsidy of over 16 million euros per annum, paid by the Seine
cheap Michael Kors outlet Maritime region of France. Not a penny of contribution comes from UK
cheap Michael Kors national or local government, so how the Conservatives claim they saved it, I do not understand."

Ann De Vecchi, Norman Baker’s election agent, said: "I’m
fake Michael Kors afraid this is part of a pattern of misleading contents of Tory literature, all of which seem designed to boost their chances in this constituency."

Maria Caulfield told The Argus: "It is a shame the Lib Dems are campaigning so negatively during this election.

"I am determined however to keep running a positive campaign that will focus on local issues and outlines what I would continue to do if elected as the local MP and how a Conservative Government would continue the economic recovery of the country."Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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When Are They Used And What Are The Risks

oakley sunglasses discount Certain patients have what is known as corneal astigmatism. What that means is, instead of
cheap oakleys the cornea being shaped in a round fashion like a basketball, it has a more oblong shape in one of its positions, one of the parts of
wholesale cheap oakleys the cornea
fake cheap oakleys more like a football rather than a basketball. Toric lenses are used to correct this
fake oakleys astigmatism in the contact lens. The main
fake oakley sunglasses cheap advantage for people with astigmatism is they can get better vision with a toric contact lens because the astigmatism is corrected as compared to a regular soft contact lens; however, sometimes the contact lens may be a little less comfortable to
cheap oakleys wear and may de center.
fake oakleys cheap The best person to decide if you should wear a regular hard contact a regular soft contact lens or a toric lens is the person who is going to fit you and follow up on the fit and comfort of the lenses in the future.Articles Connexes:

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A Few Valentine’s Decoration Ideas That Take It Up A Notch

Having a party on Valentine’s Day is always a great idea.
cheap fake oakley sunglasses Having
fake oakleys cheap great decorations make for an awesome party, no matter what kind you have, for your kids and their friends or just for the adults. When it comes time to sit down and plan everything out, you’re always looking for some great Valentines decorations ideas that won’t be too over the top, but will be totally unforgettable as well.

Here are some awesome
fake oakleys ideas for your party that don’t cost a lot, but will leave everyone with a totally unforgettable experience.

1. Having a huge banner hanging on a
fake cheap oakleys wall, across a doorway or across the room really is an easy way to have a huge impact on anyone who walks into the room. Nothing says "Happy Valentine’s Day!" like a
wholesale oakleys Valentine’s banner

2. Hang all over the place Mylar balloons in all kinds of sizes. Have them hanging from the ceiling, stuck to walls and even randomly on tables and chairs.

3. Have
fake oakleys some helium balloons floating around too. Not only are they going to be mostly on the ceiling, but they are fun to bat around, turning into impromptu volleyball games from time to time.

4. Have paper hearts stuck everywhere. Tabletops, chairs, walls, and even stuck on the ceiling. You can either buy premade ones or cut them out of construction paper.

5. Stuffed Valentine’s heart pillows and
cheap wholesale oakleys boxes of candy makes great party favors.

6. Heart shaped cups, napkins and plates makes for a great addition to the theme for snacks.

7. A great way to add a little umph to the party is using Valentine’s themes tablecloths.

8. Valentines wine and bottle stoppers adds a new level of cool to the party.

9. Get everyone off on the right foot with Valentine’s themed welcome mats.

10. Wreaths and garland with a Valentines theme really helps dress out the house for a great party.

There are tons of ideas available, but these are some of the hottest Valentines holiday decoration ideas for your party. Not only will they look great, but these set the theme for the party like nothing else can. Creating that festive atmosphere from the instant the guests arrives is a big key to having a great party and with
fake oakley sunglasses cheap these ideas, your party can’t miss. Check out all these ideas and see which ones you want to get your party started and keep it going.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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